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No matter which program you pick, at our music classes  you’re guaranteed a quality education through an international standard curriculum passionately created by our accomplished tutors

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Loved the school. Excited to learn Piano from its talented instructor, Mr. Pramit S. Programs are super easy and flexible for adults to learn music. Totally recommended !!

Anushka Sethi

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Staff: 5 star
Facilities: 5 star
Connectivity to the main road: 5 star
This music school is very good in comparison to other schools in the vicinity. I would highly recommend this school.

Rohan Adivaha


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If you are serious about learning an instrument then just enroll here. Individual lessons, very learned teachers, professional and very helpful & cooperative staff. Pramit understands concerns and provides resumption’s which work. Very impressive.

Nilanjan Ganguly


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About Our Music School

With the aim to help you look beyond the limited spectrum of colors, Prism School of Music helps you dissect the white light into its constituents. We take pride in our ability to help you weave your own reality where there is no confinement of the outside world. It’s just you and your dreams!


We care and therefore, we are. This has been our motto since the very beginning and hence, you are guaranteed quality education at our school, with the industry-specific curriculum and exceptionally trained teachers from the music circuit. So, all your queries regarding finding the best music school in Faridabad can finally be put to ease. 


We offer a multitude of courses ranging from Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vocal Music, Violin, Saxophone to Music Production and many more. Our affiliations with Trinity College of London, Rock School of Music and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) guarantee you formal education in the field of music and stand as your first milestone towards the bigger dreams!


Why Choose Our Music classes in Faridabad

At Prism School of Music, students can apply for international certifications which can further help them in their journey. We provide certifications for Rock School of Music, Trinity College of London, London College of Music and ABRSM.

International Certifications Available

Opt for individual lessons with tutors and master the art of music in no time. Or bring your friends along to join in a group!

One-on-One Classes

Handpicked faculty from the best in the industry, only for you! Learn from the experienced teachers who have been in the industry for years.

Industry Expert Tutors

In the short time that we've been a part of the industry, most of our students have benefitted from music lessons at Prism's music school in Gurgaon.

500+ happy students worldwide

Our music classes are as flexible as a gymnast. We understand that rescheduling can be a pain, therefore we ensure smooth transitioning so you do not have to suffer from the same.

Flexible Schedule

Our Mentors

Here are our Expert Music Teachers In Faridabad


Our Philosophy

“Art is not a thing, it is a way.” – Elbert Hubbard

Pandemic took a toll on everyone. In fact, it still regulates our everyday life and continues to grow within our environment. Hence, we solely believe in the significance of art, for art is the pathway towards our identity which is rather lost due to the horrors of the pandemic.


We, at Prism School of Music, firmly believe in the creative void. We encourage individuality and help our students extract the twelve notes and contribute to their dreams. In fact, the ambiguity of music stands as one of our powerful resources where we assist artists, ultimately, find their true self and love.


Our Mission

Moving forward with the sole purpose of education, Prism school of Music functions on a basic ideology. An E3 principle: Education, Exposure and Experience.

  • With our highly trained professionals, the school aims to provide you with the best possible education and help you build a career in your preferred music industry.

  • Following the graph of growth through learning, we also look after the significance of practicality wherein our students interact with fellow musicians and perform/improvise in live events.

  • Education mixed with exposure ultimately provides our students with professional experience and gets them ready for the job market.


Benefits Of Choosing Our Music Classes In Faridabad

Our Music Classes in Gurgaon comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • Understanding music and dissecting it down to its fundamentals while catering to the technical concepts of music.

  • Aligning your emotions with the density of music, ultimately helping in coping with the everyday stress.

  • Exposure to multiple career prospects as social media and art stands as the thriving force of the contemporary job market.

  • Expanding your creativity and normalizing the space where you can be as innovative as you can.

  • With a balanced emotional lifestyle, becoming emotionally intelligent and getting in touch with your inner self.

  • An opportunity to escape and be in your own personal space.


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