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Indian Classical Music Classes In Faridabad

Hindustani Vocal Music is the fundamental block of the realm of music. The field is chaotically vast in itself that the more you explore, the more you find yourself lost in the enticing void of music.

One important culture in Hindustani Vocal Music is the significance of socialization as a process. And for the aforesaid, it is crucial to find the best music teachers near you.

We have done our part, however and have gathered the best vocal music teachers in Faridabad to help you understand the roots of our culture thoroughly and therefore, you can rely on us instead of actively worrying about your google searches for the best indian classical music classes in Faridabad.

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Overview of the Program:

⦿ Individual/Group Classes
⦿ Basics of Vocal Music: Alaap, Taal, Taan, etc.
⦿ Merit-based Performing Opportunities
⦿ Developing deep knowledge about Indian Classical history
⦿ Weekly Internal Assessments


Are you looking to expand your horizon of career opportunities? One way, for the aforesaid, is through acquiring credible certifications for your skills. Prism School of Music has several affiliations with Prachin Kala Kendra, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (to name a few) to ensure that our students are taken care of. It is our duty to not only cater to the overall skill enhancement of our students but also the professional profile wherein, you can present your skills and experience through certain certifications as well.

Learn Indian Classical From The Best Teachers In Faridabad

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