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Flute Classes In Faridabad

Flute, as an instrument, does not only cover Indian cultural music but also the western influence and the aforesaid wide range makes it one of the promising instruments of our generation. Hence, your curiosity towards this particular instrument is only reasonable.

We, at Prism School of Music, regard such historical instruments on a similar scale to that of the popular ones. Hence, we have worked and formed a team of best flute teachers in Faridabad to ensure your quality learning experience.

The wide range of instruments that Prism School of Music covers indeed make us one of the best music schools with flute classes in Faridabad!

Image by Denis Sebastian Tamas

Overview of the Program:

⦿ Individual/Group Classes
⦿ Understanding Hindustani/Western Music Theory
⦿ Adequate techniques
⦿ Merit-based performances
⦿ Weekly Internal Assessments


If you are finding ways to expand your horizons and learn more about the history and execution of your instrument, certifications are a great way to achieve the aforesaid. Prism School of Music has partnered with Trinity College of London, Rock School of Music and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) to ensure that the students have a variety of board institutions to choose from and therefore, it is indeed safe to claim that the following variety makes Prism School of Music stand alone offering the best music classes in Faridabad.

Learn Flute From The Best Teachers In Faridabad

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