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Guitar Classes In Faridabad

Guitar is one of the most famous instruments today. We hardly think that the aforesaid is any news to you. But we both know that with the abundance of guitarists out there, you are struggling to find yourself or your children, an eligible guitar teacher.

Well, that’s what it all comes down to. The best guitar teacher in Faridabad. Isn’t it?

Worry not, because our team has been through the same. And we have worked, days and hours, to finally reach a point where we hired the best music faculty for our guitar classes in Faridabad and indeed we are proud to announce that.

With our curriculum, you do not have to worry about falling short of any songs because you would be able to play any song just by your ear! Sounds promising enough? It has to, when you are working with one of the best music academy in Faridabad.

Image by Denis Sebastian Tamas

Overview of the Program:

⦿ Choose from our “Basics of Guitar for Beginners” or “Advanced Guitar Lessons.”
⦿ Individual/Group Classes
⦿ Music Theory and Essentials of Ear Training
⦿ Merit-based Performances
⦿ Weekly Internal Assessments


We have a variety of affiliated boards for you to choose from. Ranging from Trinity College of London, Rock School of Music to Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), you can choose the syllabus that attracts you and join the best music school in Faridabad.

Learn Guitar From The Best Teachers In Faridabad

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