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Tips to Be a More Effective Private Music Instructor

Even if you're not new to giving private music lessons, you could always take some tips and pieces of advice that would go a long way in making your lessons worth your time and energy. It's never a bad idea to think about how you could interest your students better in their private classes and keep them hooked onto their music. Here are the words of wisdom we have for you today:


It's the most important part of the process of teaching and learning where the conversation is about something as interesting as an art form which is music. You must ensure that there is clear and unobstructed communication, especially in the online mode of teaching. Listen to what your student needs and desires. Communicate with them about their life, school, friends, family, health, etc. Remember that they are living a life besides their music and their instrument as well. Work with them on understanding their level of understanding and curiosity and teach them accordingly.

Prepare for Initial Lessons

It's essential to find out and teach your students what they want to learn rather than what you want them to learn. See what they are excited to learn more, and slip in the theory according to that. Give the students the kind of learning that they love, something that keeps them inspired to learn more and more, and to practice on their own. Teach them what is relevant for them to learn.

Stay Enthusiastic

Be fun and flexible, give the student something new, something the internet cannot give them. Remember to keep the lessons from becoming boring at all costs. Set attainable goals for the students, so they can look forward to achieving them, and can gain a new perspective towards ambition in life. Professionalism should in no way take away the fun from your classes. No matter what you're teaching, stay enthusiastic so that your students can stay engaged in the lessons.

Be Patient

Particularly with new students or beginners, remember to go slow, and be very patient. Every single improvement, no matter how small, needs to be acknowledged by you. Don't give them too much to learn at once. Take it slow. All students have their own pace of learning, and you need to encourage each of them. In addition to that, you need to accept your own mistakes, when you make any. If you've been learning to teach recently, it's also a new skill, and it's okay to make mistakes if you acknowledge them.

Stick to Your Rules

You must respect your own time and money. You should have a clear policy about classes that are missed, cancelled or rescheduled. The students will respect you more when you respect yourself. Make sure to not cancel or reschedule classes unless absolutely necessary. It is said to "be flexible in your pedagogy, firm with your policies, and know the difference between the two." It is your art and your lessons, and you should ensure proper regard for it.

Prism School of Music, Gurgaon/Gurugram, brings you offline and online guitar, violin, piano, drums, Indian and Western vocals lessons. The brilliant teachers from music schools across the world teaching here design the students’ lessons in the most interesting and engaging ways. We have the most innovative tools to make learning fun and rewarding for our students. We are here to change the way music is taught.

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