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Importance of Good Music Education in India

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

India is home to innumerable forms of music including folk, ghazals, Carnatic, film music amongst others. In such a culturally rich and vibrant nation, it is almost our moral duty to preserve this heritage while also connecting with music from around the globe.

There’s music that we listen to, and there’s music we inculcate. And it is extremely important to develop the musician within us from the very soul, and not just through grades and exams.

This is the essence of the most important ideal of Prism School of Music. We must focus on improving the way music is taught especially in a country like India which has been imparted with a brilliant heritage of music. And here is why good music education is so important for the Indian masses.

Harnessing Inner Creativity

If you have spent enough time with a child, a youngster, or even an adult who observes and feels deeply, you would know that these folks have a creative streak that would die if not exercised. And that is where singing or playing any instrument like the guitar or sitar steps in. such skills enable people to channelize everything they create and fathom in their beautiful minds. It is often seen that through music, children are able to develop a creative spirit of their own, which becomes especially important to be utilised in India where talent and creativity often go unnoticed and uncared for. It is time to actively try and change that.

Developing Language Skills

Learning music is a great source for enhancing a grip on a number of languages through singing and engaging with music in various languages. This is very evident in our country’s youth going crazy over songs in Korean, French and even different Indian regional languages. There is a reason why children catch songs even before they start speaking sentences. This ability must be kept in mind and made use of.

Providing Relaxation

At a time when the world, and particularly India, is embroiled in death and destruction, it is very important to de-stress our minds from the gnawing fears and tensions. Music is considered the most efficient relaxant and has even proved to help in treating illnesses like insomnia and anxiety, which is why Prism School of Music emphasises on healing the inner soul through music and the love for it.

Improving Cognitive Skills

Many international studies have proved that learning and practicing music exercises a person’s memory, attention and problem-solving skills, leading to higher development of the brain’s power. Believe it or not, but students who engage in singing and playing music have been shown to get better results even in major exams like SATs, and tests in mathematical and analytical skills. For an average Indian youngster, such an enhancement would prove beneficial while going through the million competitive exams in their academic life.

Going Closer to the Roots

While it is important to explore the widest capacities of the human mind, it is equally essential to stay connected to the minutest workings of the inner spirit. Indian sitarist Prasad Rahane talks about how much his education in Music has helped him remain connected to his inner self as well as reach the roots of his own potential. Through practicing music in its vast entirety, an Indian singer has the capacity to be close to the essence of Hindustan and their individual spirit.

This culture is very prominent in the various musical instruments and kinds of vocal training practiced at Prism School of Music. In all our classes, be it singing, or playing instruments like the guitar, sitar, piano or ukulele, we make sure that our students remember why they are learning and working on music in the first place. Prism School of Music, a music academy in South Delhi, is a safe haven for music learners, musicians and music lovers. It is from collective human endeavor that good art is born, and we believe in learning and teaching consistently to evolve into our finest musical selves.

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