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Singing Classes In Delhi

Do you feel like you sing absolutely amazing in the bathroom but sound like a dying animal, the minute you are outside? Well, we have been there. Every singer goes through the same routine, until they decide to learn music from the best music schools near them.

We are here to assist you with the same. With special expertise in Western Vocal Music, our music teachers are well-versed and trained to take on the challenge of helping you become the next Justin Bieber. Well, Anuv Jain to say the least.

Book a free introductory slot with us and find out how long will it take you to interpret your reality into one of your musical dreams, with the best music vocal music classes in Delhi.

Image by Denis Sebastian Tamas

Overview of the Program:

⦿ Individual/Group Classes
⦿ Vocal Basics: Breathing and Posture Techniques
⦿ Merit-based Performances
⦿ Choir/Band Practices
⦿ Weekly Internal Assessments


Once you are thorough with the basic understanding of our curriculum, we prepare our students for international certifications. With several affiliations with Trinity College of London, Rock School of Music and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), we help the student from the ground zero to as far as you are willing to pursue. Because once a part of the Prism family, you will never have to rely on google for another strenuous search of “singing classes in Delhi.”

Get Vocal Classes & Singing Lessons From The Best Teachers In Delhi

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