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Age Group 6+
1 to 2 Classes per week (Option available)
45 minute sessions
Modes available: Online, Offline
Available options: Group Classes, 1-on-1 Lessons.

The syllabus and class plan will be based around the rock school, ABRSM or Trinity grade exam program. The students will be evaluated and placed in a certain grade group post the first 3 months of the course. The course shall include -

• Instrument Studies
• Fundamentals of Music/ exercises
• Basics of Music Reading and Basic Music theory in practice
• Introducing to Chords
• Major and Minor Open positions.
• Notes and intervals.
• Metronome.
• Ear training
• Music Listening and analysis sessions
• Chord Progressions
• Major/Minor Scales
• Major/Minor pentatonic scales
• Approaching a Solo
• Intervals
• Diatonic analysis
• Circle of fifth


Grade Education Program

The Grade education Program (GEP) is for students who want to appear for grade examinations and further their music skills.
The syllabus and class plan will be based around the grade program which the student choses.
Following are the music education Boards we are tied up with:

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