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Available options: Group Classes , 1-on-1 Lessons.
Age Group: 3+
45 min sessions
Modes available: Online, Offline

Note: This course is divided into 2 lessons per week for kids under the age of 11 years.

Quarter 1 :
Basic instrument Studies

- Fundamental Exercises 1
- Basics of Music Reading and Basic Music theory in practice
- Circle of fifth
- Notes and intervals.
- Metronome Practice routine.
- Ear training 1
- Music Listening and analysis sessions
- Major Scales
- Major Intervals
- Major pentatonic scales
- Basic Chord Positions and exercises
- Instrument pieces


Basics Of Music Program 1

This is the program the students joining the school will be assigned to; this course helps you build your basics to embark on the vast journey called music.

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