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Abhishek Mittal started his journey of being a diverse and distinct guitar player at the early age of 9. Hailing from a small town of UP, India, Abhishek was like any other backstreet boys, until he got introduced to his better half – the Guitar.
He is a Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and also a passionate Educator and Mentor. His contagious vibe as a performer only adds on to his persona as an artist.
The urge to open up new horizons and transcend his own limits, made him start – Submarine In Space – The first of its kind Instrumental Jazz Rock Band in North India.
As the Front man Abhishek has made this band multifaceted where it now has something for all. He also launched the band’s first album “Wavelengths” in 2018 , where the track “Take Off” topped the charts on Spotify Indie Instrumental.

Abhishek Mittal